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High Upon The Hilltop.

Since 1916 I have sat upon this hilltop watching the changes passing me by. First, I was quite alone and then through the mid 30’s thru 50’s I found I had many companions, of course, none as grand as I. I am a 68 acre estate. I had my own mistress and horses and stable and oh so much more…a golf course. No one had that.

In 1934, my beloved mistress passed away, her faithful housemaid and friend Harriet Corbett stayed on to take care of me. Oh, they were glorious days. I had garden parties, high tea and visitors galore. Dogs were running about everywhere. Those were the days!

A sad day in 1979, Harriet the housemaid, fell ill and I was left alone once again. The will of my mistress was read and then taken to the government and her wishes were disregarded. My lovely Elsie’s fortune was given to others. Not much was left for me.

All was not well. And then the wonderful neighbours and friends not wanting me to fall into disrepair formed a group, a charity, Heritage London Foundation! I was to be saved and used for parties and functions, weddings too, dear Elsie would be so pleased. For many years, I hosted over 10,000 people every year. They were glory years for me. Heritage London Foundation kept me clean and polished for my visitors. Many came year upon year to visit. A delightful lady from the City comes every week to make my gardens look spectacular. It is said that this year they were the best of all. I am in so many photos.

However, times are not the same now. I have much competition and it is very expensive to keep my floors and rooms warm. My insulation is not the best. There are a few spaces here and there. I need some attention. My caregivers are forever trying but it is a big task. I hear costs are skyrocketing. We want to have more supporters, allies to help me continue to be useful in my old age. How can you help you ask? Well, become a Friend of Elsie. Simply send a donation to my charity: Elsie Perrin Williams Estate, and a tax receipt will be offered. Or come and visit me and my caring friends, have a tour, book an event, relax and enjoy my one of a kind beauty. History and estates like me can not ever be replaced. Come in and hear more of my interesting stories and find hidden ghosts.

I look forward to you becoming one of my special friends and visiting me soon!

If you would like to join Elsie’s Circle of Friends

Please call us at 519-432-6620 or mail your donation to:
Heritage London Foundation
101 Windermere Road West
London, ON
N6G 2J4

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